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For protection and peace of mind for your home

  •  We are Cheshire’s leading supplier of high-quality automatic driveway gates
  •  Unrivalled, personal service by a dedicated family-owned business
  •  Choose from luxurious wooden, metal or wrought iron designs
  •  Outstanding selection of slide gates, swing gates and cantilever gates
  •  Tailor-made solutions to enhance the security of your property
  •  Unbeatable installation, service and maintenance
  •  Operating to the highest professional standards
  •  Repair and breakdown coverage

For further information about our unbeatable range of sliding, cantilever and swing gates, contact Eden Gates on 01925 357699

  • Eden Gates

    Preston Brook Plant Centre
    Windmill Lane,
    Warrington, Cheshire
    WA4 4AZ

    Tel: 01925 357699

    Eden Gates is part of Eden Landscpes

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